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Update on the Next Atlantic Canada Storm

It's time to check on your storm chips supply once again.

We are watching what could end up being a doozy of a storm that is expected to impact portions of Atlantic Canada this weekend.

An area of low pressure is expected to develop over southern Texas on Friday. From there the low is expected to move northeastward, out over the Atlantic Ocean and then head toward Atlantic Canada.

As the system nears our region it is expected to undergo a period of rapid intensification.

At the same time, another low is expected to be added into the mix.

There is little model consensus at the time.

Depending on the track of the low there could be heavy snow for some of us, heavy rain in other areas, or a mixed batch of precipitation.

Based on current projections it appears as though New Brunswick will escape any impact from the storm unless the track changes.

Prince Edward Island will see snow beginning in eastern sections of the province on Sunday afternoon and spreading to western areas in the evening.

If the low stays on its current track and the center remains offshore, Nova Scotia will see mostly snow. Areas such as Cape Breton Island and Guysborough County may experience a rain-snow mix. The snow will begin Sunday morning in the south and make it to all areas by late afternoon.

Newfoundland will see snow across all of the Island at first. Snow will transition to ice pellets and then rain for the Avalon Peninsula, south coast, and central. Western Newfoundland will likely remain as snow. Snow will start along the south coast on Sunday afternoon and precipitation will be falling across the entire Island by early Monday morning.

In Labrador, southeastern sections will see snow on Monday night.

It is still too early to speculate on precipitation amounts and the track may alter what type of precipitation each area receives.

Keep checking back for updates.


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