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Update on the Next System in Atlantic Canada & Southern Quebec

An area of low pressure centred over New England is going to deliver unsettled weather to southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Southern Quebec

Significant snow, strong winds, blowing snow and a risk of freezing rain is expected over several areas of Eastern Quebec on Sunday. Across the Eastern Townships and over higher elevations of the Chaudière-Appalaches, 25 cm of snow is possible. Snow will begin over those regions on Saturday evening.


Across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and eastern New Brunswick rain is expected today. Snow is expected over western New Brunswick this evening and overnight.

For most of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, rainfall amounts between 20 and 40 mm with isolated amounts of 50 are expected.

Across New Brunswick, snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 cm are expected in western regions and rainfall amounts between 15 to 25 mm with isolated amounts between 40 and 60 mm is possible in eastern sections.

Winds may gust to 80 km/h for southeastern New Brunswick and across Nova Scotia. The winds are expected to be the strongest overnight tonight.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Sporadic showers are expected across Newfoundland today and Sunday before becoming steadier on Monday. Total rainfall amounts between 15 and 30 mm are expected. On the southwest coast, 40 to 50 mm is possible. Across the south and west coast, there could be gusts to 70 km/h on Sunday.

Snow is expected to begin across Labrador on Sunday night. Southeastern sections could see up to 30 cm of snow by Tuesday night.


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