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Warm-Up on the Way to Maritimes

We're going to have a WAA ( Warm Air Advection) on Saturday, followed by a large strong and unstable cold front that will swing through on Sunday and develop a low pressure.

The warm air looks to last into Sunday for the Tri-Counties with Rain and T-Storms, but there is a potential of freezing rain in Digby on Sunday.

Along with rain and storms and the warmth and gusty winds of 70 to 90 km/h from the southwest.

Much colder air returns for Monday.

Highs on Saturday and Sunday could reach record-breaking temperatures as temperatures both weekend days look to be 10 to 15 degrees above the normal. Highs on Saturday look to peak at 10 to 12 degrees, however with some sunshine, and lower humidity.

If the winds can hold off just at the right time, then temperatures could peak near 15 degrees.

By Sunday, temperatures will continue to climb as moisture begins to flow in, temperatures on Sunday will peak at near 16 degrees with temperatures in the northeast states like Boston, they will have highs reaching near or slightly above 20 degrees.


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