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Widespread Power Outages in Eastern and Central Newfoundland

The severe weather has caused widespread power outages in Newfoundland.

The power is out in Ferryland-Aquaforte,Cape Broyle-Calvert,Brigus South-La Manche. There are also outages for Holyrood (Butter Pot Rd-Salmonier Line) and Long Pond (Flats Rd-Bairds Ln).

Glynn's Cove - Cuslett,St. Bride's - Branch is also without power as is L'Anse au Loup - Grouse Famine,Riverside East - Highways Depot and Water St West - Hares Ears.

A total of 9,572 customers are without power.

Under areas served by NL Hydro, there are outages in Hermitage, Gaultois, Sandyville, Seal Cove, Furby’s Cove, Pass Island, has no services because of the weather. There is no estimated restoration time.

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