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Wildfire threatens Lytton BC

Twitter/ BC Wildfire Service

The Nohomin Creek is located approximately 1.7 kilometres northwest of Lytton, British Columbia on the west side of the Fraser River.

The fire is 1,706.0 hectares in size and is classified as out of control.

Fire crews remained on site overnight patrolling the area along the Stein Valley walking path. Structure protection assessment and triaging remain ongoing.

An evacuation order is in effect for Nohomeen IR 13, Papyum IRs 27, 27A, Lytton IR 27B, Papyum Graveyard 27C, Stryen IR 9 (West of Stein River). The Thompson Nicola Regional District has issued an Evacuation Order and Evacuation Alert for Electoral Area "I" (Blue Sky Country)

So far this season there have been 286 wildfires in British Columbia, 24 of which occurred in the last two days.


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