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10 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer!

In Canada, summer means occasional heat waves. Below are 10 tips that can help you survive without air conditioning.

🌡️1 Use box and ceiling fans to circulate the air in the home

  • opening doors and using box fans to push hot air outside can work as an exhaust fan and draw cool evening air into your house.

  • in the cooler evenings open all your windows and promote as much air circulation as possible.

  • when the sun rises, close all windows and doors. Also, close drapes and blinds to keep the inside as cool as possible

  • when the outside air is cooler than the inside air, open all windows and doors. Also, turn on the fans again.

🌡️2 Take advantage of the cooling power of water

  • fill basins and tubs with water

  • wet towels and bandanas are good when worn around the head or neck

  • take cool showers or baths

  • spritz yourself with cold water throughout the day using a spray bottle

🌡️3 Head downstairs

  • since hot air rises, the upper levels will be warmer than the ground floor. You can also head to the basement which will be cooler as well.

🌡️4 Eliminate extra sources of heat

  • incandescent light bulbs can generate excessive heat

  • so can computers and appliances be left running

  • eat food that doesn't require use of an oven or stove.

🌡️5 Stay hydrated

  • drink more water than you normally do when it is hot.

  • if you are sweating heavily, you will likely need to replace electrolytes by eating a small amount of food with your water.

  • thirst is the first sign of dehydration so drink enough fluids before you are thirsty to prevent dehydration.

🌡️6 Homemade air conditioners

  • sit in front of the path of a box fan that is aimed at an open cooler or a tray filled with ice.

🌡️ 7 Avoid alcohol and caffeine

  • these can act as diuretics and promote dehydration.

🌡️8 Visit buildings with air conditioning during the hottest part of the day

  • such as libraries, shopping malls and movie theatres are all good places to cool down.

🌡️9 Don't eat large protein-rich meals

  • Such foods can increase metabolic heat and warm the body.

🌡️ 10 Don't forget about your pets

  • dogs, rabbits, and cats, - give them a cool bath or shower to keep their body temperature down.

  • a cool towel on a tile floor to lie on.

  • a cool towel or washcloth laying over their skin can help as well.

  • make sure they have enough cool water to drink.

Signs of heatstroke in an animal are

1 rapid panting

2 wide eyes

3 lots of drooling

4 hot skin

5 twitching muscles

6 vomiting

7 dazed look

Call your vet as soon as possible if you think your pet is having a heat stroke. You could save their life.


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