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2020 Canadian Tornado Season Ends Being The Most Active In A Decade:

The Canadian tornado season has turned out to be one of the most active in recent memory. With a total of 59 tornadoes officially recorded by Envrionment Canada. This year's total is the most since the start of the twenty-first century.

Tornado warned storm just east of Calgary on July 23rd, 2020:

Photo credit: Wx Centre's forecaster Christopher Poitras

The province with the most tornadoes this year was Ontario with 29 recorded touchdowns, with Alberta experiencing the second most at 12. However, the strongest tornado this season happened near Scarth, Manitoba, where on August 7th an EF-3 tornado tragically took the lives of two individuals and causing an injury. This tornado took the only lives this season.

This year also experienced a rare event, when the first recorded tornado of the season happened on May 21st in North Saanich, British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

While 2020 has seen the most tornadoes in the twenty-first century, a couple of other years in the 2000s have held the record up until this year. In 2012, we experienced 58 tornado reports (33 of which touched down in Saskatchewan), with the year 2009 not far behind at 57 (34 of these touched down in Ontario).

It should be stated that the reporting of tornadoes has increased in this century due to enhanced technology, and forecasting.


*Data in this article was originally produced from Environment and Climate Change Canada


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