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2nd BC heatwave on the way!

After a showery and cool couple of days, the province of British Columbia is heading for another big warm up, and as it looks right now, potentially even more hotter than the last heatwave which was only last week that lasted a week.

Areas like Naniamo, Vancouver & Kamloops are all expected to see 30 degree temperatures next week, although Vancouver coast will see cooler temps in the low to mid 20's, the inland and metro area will see high 20's to around 30, same goes for Naniamo.

As the case most often, Canada's only desert, the southern Interior will see the hottest temperatures with highs starting on Tuesday or Wednesday into the low 30's and peaking into the mid-30's by Thursday, it cools down for the city of Kamloops on Friday to around 30.

But elsewhere like Naniamo and Vancouver, a much bigger cool down is anticipated by the end of the week with high temperatures in the lower 20's, a much more seasonable and comfortable air mass for this time of year.

If you're not a fan of the cool down, and prefer it to stay hot then don't worry! the cool down will be brief as another round of hot weather returns by next weekend.

2019 summer in BC has already begun to be a very dry and hot one, and it is expected that British Columbia will experience the hottest summer on record, as well as being the hottest province in Canada this summer.

~BC Forecaster James Follett


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