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A Hot Week Concludes in NL

People spent the day at the beach in Lark Harbour, NL on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

After a cold start to June, Newfoundland has been experiencing summer-like weather this past week.

Most of central and western Newfoundland spent most of the week under a heat warning with temperatures soaring past 30 degrees with humidex values in the high thirties. In some areas, hot weather records were broken.

It was also nice this weekend, with less humidity. There were non-severe thunderstorms across western and central Newfoundland on Saturday. A risk of thunderstorms continues today.

By contrast, in 2018 it snowed in Newfoundland this week.

This coming week looks to be cooler. Temperatures will start out in the low to mid-twenties, by this weekend, highs will only be in the teens.


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