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Alberta Clipper to move across the Prairies & NW Ontario

An Alberta Clipper will move across the Prairies and northwestern Ontario on Monday and Tuesday.


Early Monday morning we will see snow across most of the province.

Snowfall amounts will vary. Areas to the north and west of the capital will see 5 to 10 cm.

Areas near Edmonton will pick up about 5 cm.

Across southern Alberta, general amounts of 2 to 4 cm are expected by Monday afternoon. Areas along the southern foothills could exceed 10 cm.

Winds will be strong also. Gusts to 80 km/h are expected to develop tonight across central Alberta and tomorrow across southern Alberta

Reduced visibility in blowing snow is expected.


The same system will move across southern Saskatchewan on Monday.

The heaviest snow will fall north and east of Saskatoon to the Manitoba border. 5 to 15 cm is possible.

Strong winds are expected on Monday. Gusts of 50 km/h are likely, with the strongest winds occurring south of Saskatoon with gusts of 70 to 90 km/h.

Reduced visibility in blowing snow is expected.


Snow is expected on Monday across the southern half of Manitoba.

The heaviest snow will fall over the Parklands and Interlake area. 5 to 15 cm of snow is possible.

Strong winds are expected to develop Monday evening into early Tuesday morning.

The strongest winds will occur over the Red River Valley with gusts of up to 80 km/h. Gusts up to 90 km/h are possible over Lake Manitoba, the south basin of Lake Winnipeg and near the southern shores of the north basin of Lake Winnipeg.

Reduced visibility in blowing snow is expected.

Northwestern Ontario

Snow is expected to move in on Monday evening. Total snowfall accumulations near 10 centimetres is expected by Tuesday afternoon, with a few locations possibly reaching 15 centimetres.

Wind gusts to 60 km/h are possible on Tuesday.


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