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Anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

By Greenmars, CC BY-SA 3.0,

It was on this date in 1975 that the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a storm on Lake Superior.

All 29 crew were lost.

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was the largest ship on the Great Lakes at the time and remains the largest to have sunk there.

The ship carried taconite from mines near Duluth, Minnesota, to ironworks in Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; and other ports in the Great Lakes.

Extreme weather and sea conditions were the cause of the sinking but it is unknown what other factors were at play.

On November 9, 1975, the NWS long-range forecast predicted that a storm would pass just south of Lake Superior and over the Keweenaw Peninsula, extending into the Lake from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

After running computer models in 2005 using actual meteorological data from November 10, 1975, it was determined that the ship ended in precisely the wrong place at the absolute worst time."

Gordon Lightfoot created the song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".


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