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Another storm headed toward Atlantic Canada

As Newfoundland continues to see the impacts of the latest winter storm today, another storm is already on the horizon.

A geographically large weather system will push across the Maritimes and Labrador on Sunday night and Monday. The storm will arrive in Newfoundland on Monday.

The dominant form of precipitation across the Maritimes will be rain. There will be some snow in northern New Brunswick and on Cape Breton Island. Snow is expected in Labrador. Strong winds are expected across southern Nova Scotia, along the shores of the Bay of Fundy, and Cape Breton Island.

It also appears as though Newfoundland will see mostly rain from this system too. However, models are not consistent at this point with some guidance suggesting snow and rain. Strong winds are expected across Newfoundland.

It is a bit too early to provide specific precipitation amounts.

Ahead of the storm, Marine Atlantic is anticipating weather impacts on crossings on Sunday evening, Monday, and Tuesday.

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