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Ashcroft & Kamloops could make Heatwave status today!

2 cities in the BC Interior are looking to make a run at it for an official heatwave, a heat wave is 3 consecutive days of 32 degrees or higher.

Kamloops was sitting at 31.9 on the 15th and 31.7 yesterday and was sitting at 31.0 at 1 pm this afternoon, the city only needs to reach 0.5 more degrees to reach heatwave status.

Ashcroft is also looking to make a heatwave today, on the 15th they reached 32.8 and yesterday 32.5, as of 1 pm they were sitting at 30.9

Both cities, along with much of the southern interior and Okanagan desert have dealing with 30+ degrees for a whole consecutive week since June 11th, although 30's are common in June, it is unusual to get a long streak of 30 degrees before July.

People in Kamloops have been running to the beach this weekend and the 4 city pools, the city's only outdoor pool in Brockohurst a neighborhood in Kamloops was completely busy on the weekend, and the beach was filled with people swimming, boating and getting a good ol tan from the hot sun.

The hot streak looks to end as early as tomorrow as a ridge pulls away and a trough takes over to bring clouds and showers along with cooler air, temperatures are expected to be near or below average by Wednesday and continue much of the week and into next weekend.


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