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Atlantic Canada storm update

Update on the storm impacting Atlantic Canada.

New Brunswick

Snow will continue overnight with 15 to 25 cm expected in northern sections and 25 to 40 cm for southern sections. Winds will gust between 70 and 100 km/h. Conditions will improve Sunday morning.

There are several power outages.

Prince Edward Island

Further snowfall amounts of 5 to 10 cm is expected this evening. Winds will gust to 100 km/h. There are several power outages.

Nova Scotia

Snow occurring across Nova Scotia will change to rain this evening. There is a risk of freezing rain across the central and western sections of the province. Freezing rain will come to an end near midnight. Eastern mainland Nova Scotia and most of Cape Breton will see 10 to 20 mm of rain overnight.

Strong winds are also occurring with gusts over 100 km/h possible.

There are several power outages.



Heavy rain is expected for eastern and southern Newfoundland tonight. This heavy rain combined with melting snow has the potential to cause flooding.

Heavy snow is expected for western Newfoundland overnight and tomorrow.

All of Newfoundland will experience strong winds power outages are likely overnight.


For coastal areas, 25 to 35 cm of snow is expected with winds gusting to 60 km/h until Sunday night.


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