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Atmospheric River continues to bring rain and snow to Pacific Coast

The west coast of the United States will see another low move onshore today and another low on Sunday. These lows will bring heavy rain, significant snow, and strong winds.

The first system arrives today and will bring heavy rain to California. Flooding is expected with this rain, especially in upslope terrain areas along the California coast, the Transverse Ranges, and the Sierra. Mudslides are also possible.

Rainfall amounts of 2 to 3 inches are possible.

Rain will continue into Sunday ahead of a second storm system approaching the coast early Monday morning. For the higher elevations in the Sierra, snowfall of 3 to 6 feet is forecast. The snow will continue through Monday. Portions of coastal California and the Central will see strong winds.

Across the Pacific Northwest, rain is expected Saturday into Sunday. Lower elevations will change to snow on Sunday, outside of the Desert Southwest, locations across the Four Corners Region could see 1 to 3 feet of snow by Monday.


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