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Early Look at the Next Atlantic Canada System

It seems like lately Atlantic Canada cannot catch any sort of a break when it comes to winter weather.

It looks like another area of low pressure will move through Atlantic Canada beginning on Tuesday evening for southern Nova Scotia and Southeastern sections of New Brunswick.

The system will begin as snow for most of the Maritimes over the course of Tuesday night into Wednesday. From there precipitation is expected to change over to rain for most of Nova Scotia Southeastern New Brunswick and portions of Prince, Edward Island.

By Wednesday morning, the low will move into Newfoundland. Snow is expected for most areas. However, there is a chance that the snow will change over to rain for portions of the Avalon Peninsula on a Wednesday evening.

The region will also experience some strong wind gust from this system.

At this time it remains a bit too early to provide specific and precipitation amounts. However, we will continue to update this developing story.


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