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Early Look at Winter

With Halloween behind us, we are one step closer to Winter. The season that defines us officially arrives on Saturday, December 21st at 11:19 pm EST.

In Canada, we are no strangers to cold weather and blizzards. This winter we will likely have some cold and nasty weather like we are used to.

Regional Analysis:

Atlantic Canada

Temperatures are expected to be above normal, especially in February and March. Precipitation will be near normal for most locations. Northern Quebec and western Labrador will likely see above-normal precipitation.

Quebec and Ontario

Quebec and Ontario will most likely experience above normal temperatures. Areas around Lake Superior and Lake Huron may experience above-average snow, likely lake-effect.


Most indications are pointing to a typical Prairie Winter. The entire area will likely see near-normal temperatures and near-normal precipitation.

British Columbia

Near normal temperatures are expected. Portions of the southern Interior may experience more snowfall than usual.

Northern Canada

Near normal precipitation is expected. Most areas will also see near-normal temperatures with the exception of eastern Nunavut.

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