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East-West Temperature Divide to Continue

Over the next 8 to 14 days it looks like there will be quite a temperature divide in western Canada and eastern Canada.

In most of eastern Canada, temperatures are expected to be below normal for most areas. Before seeing the temperature drop, there will be a bump in temperatures this coming week for Atlantic Canada.

Here are normal highs for this time of year:

  • St. John's 5.2°C

  • Halifax 6.0°C

  • Charlottetown 4.8°C

  • Fredericton 4.5°C

  • Montreal 5.5°C

  • Toronto 6.0°C

Across western Canada, it will be a different story. Temperatures are likely to be above average for the last week of November.

Here are normal highs for this time of year:

  • Winnipeg -2.8°C

  • Regina -2.0°C

  • Edmonton 0.4°C

  • Vancouver 8.4°C

  • Whitehorse -7.2°C

  • Yellowknife -11.6°C

  • Iqaluit -10.0°C


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