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Eastern Half of Canada Sinks Into Freeze

Folks from western Ontario to Newfoundland are waking up to some very cold temperatures this morning.

An Arctic air mass is settling in over the eastern half of the country sending wind chill values to almost minus 50 in some areas.

In northern Ontario wind chill values near minus 45 are occurring this morning while wind chill values as low as minus 35 are expected in southern Ontario.

It is also very cold in southern Quebec with wind chills ranging from minus 35 to minus 45.

While there are no extreme cold warnings in effect across the Maritimes, it is still cold. Wind chill values range from minus 10 to minus 30.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, there are extreme cold warnings and special weather statements in effect. The coldest wind chills may reach as low as minus 35 on the island and minus 45 in western Labrador.


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