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Extreme cold temperatures in Southern Ontario

Good evening folks,

Extreme cold windchill factors are expected across the region

There are extreme cold weather warnings in Barrie, and Midland from environmental Canada

It is going to be very cold through the night as the continental arctic winds descend on Southern Ontario, significant windchill factors are forecasted through the night and tomorrow as well. There are extreme weather warnings from Environmental Canada for Barrie, Toronto and Ottawa, minimum temperatures are -21 to -27 tonight through Wednesday morning. There is a risk of frostbite within minutes on exposed parts of the body, wear layers when going out and don't stay outside for too long.

Winds are around 15km/h around midnight with chances of flurries in London and Windsor.

There are weather advisories for Goderich, Listowel and Stratford for tonight and tomorrow morning. Local heavy blowing snow is expected, around 15-20 cm and this will reduced visibility for commuters.

Temperatures will slightly warm up tomorrow and there will be clear skies in Sudbury, London and Ottawa. Kenora and Thunder Bay will be cloudy and will have periods of light snow accumulating about 5-10 cm during the afternoon.

Windchill factors are still extremely cold, closer to -30 across the region in the morning and then factors will reduce to the 20s by the afternoon. It will still feel extremely cold and there is risk of frostbite so please wear layers.

Stay safe and warm.


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