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Four dead after severe storms tear through Texas

The cleanup is underway after severe thunderstorms ripped across Texas on Thursday killing four people.

Houston was one of the hardest hit areas where winds near 100 mph tore through the area ripping up trees, smashing windows in skyscrapers and sending a crane to the ground. Officials are urging people to stay home.

There were four reports of tornadoes, 124 hail reports, and 27 wind reports on Thursday.

The number of power outages is down but 781,873 customers in Texas remain without power. 107,643 are without power in Louisiana, and 10,772 customers are without power in Mississippi according to

Severe thunderstorms may impact parts of the central into eastern Gulf Coast states and portions of the northern Great Plains this afternoon through tonight.

Significant flash flooding is forecast along the Gulf Coast. A Moderate Risk of Excessive Rainfall has been issued for portions of southern Mississippi and Alabama where a complex of organized, heavy downpour-producing storms is forecast over already saturated soils from storms Thursday night.


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