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Heavy rain and strong winds lash BC Coast

An atmospheric river impacted the British Columbia coast over the weekend bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the area. Many locations received over 50 mm of rain and there were wind gusts in excess of 100 km/h.

Below is a snapshot of rainfall amounts and wind gusts.

Rainfall amounts:

  • Port Mellon: 83 mm

  • North Courtenay: 63 mm

  • Bowser: 51 mm

  • Callaghan Valley: 46 mm

  • Port Alberni: 44mm

Peak wind gusts:

  • Bonilla Island: 109 km/h

  • Rose Spit: 94 km/h

  • Lucy Island: 91 km/h

  • Sandspit: 87 km/h

  • Langara Lighthouse: 81 km/h

  • Grief Point: 83 km/h

  • Saturna Island: 81 km/h

  • Pam Rocks: 70 km/h

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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