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Heavy Rain in Rwanda Kills 65 People

Rain in Kigali (January 2020). By Emmanuelkwizera - Own work

Flooding rains have hit Kenya causing landslides and damage. There are also several fatalities.

The Rwandan government says it has been the worst flooding to hit the country in months.

Officials have said that 65 people have died as a result. On Friday and Saturday, eight more people died.

Homes have been damaged and bridges have been washed away.

Seven districts have been impacted.

Over the past few weeks, countries in eastern Africa have suffered from several heavy rain events.

There are two rainy seasons in the year. The first runs from February to June and the second from September to December.

These are separated by two dry seasons: the major one from June to September, during which there is often no rain at all, and a shorter and less severe one from December to February.


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