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Hot & Humid Weather From Manitoba to New Brunswick

Hot weather is expected to continue to impact those in southern Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Across southern Manitoba, temperatures will climb to about 30 degrees today.

Today across northwestern and far northwestern Ontario, this will be the second day of heat with temperatures of 29-32°C and humidex values in the mid to high thirties.

For northeastern Ontario, a multiple-day heat event will begin. High temperatures the 29-33°C range are expected with humidex values in the mid to high thirties.

Southwestern Quebec will continue to see daytime highs between 28 and 33 degrees from today to Sunday.

Across New Brunswick, temperatures reaching 34 degrees combined with overnight lows near 18 degrees are expected for the next three days.

Humidex values in the daytime hours could reach the mid to high thirties.

In some form or another, the heat may continue through Sunday.

The atmosphere will be very unstable over the next few days so there is a risk of thunderstorms, some of which may become severe. In Northwestern Ontario and central Manitoba, there is a risk of severe thunderstorms today. Large hail, damaging winds and torrential downpours are the main threats. There is also the risk of tornadoes.

Here are some tips to protect yourself in very hot weather:

  1. Prepare for the heat by monitoring local weather updates

  2. Pay close attention to how you - and those around you - feel

  3. Stay hydrated

  4. Stay cool

  5. Avoid exposure to extreme heat when outdoors


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