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Invest 91-L continues to develop

Invest 91-L continued to develop over the warm waters off the coast of Florida and the Carolinas over Tuesday Night into Early Wednesday Morning.

Winds from Invest 91-L are now sustained at 60 km/h and pressure has continued to fall 1009mb, down from 1012mb. The Thunderstorm activity around the center of the system has also become better organised overnight and early this morning.

Invest 91-L still has a chance of becoming a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Bertha before making landfall somewhere in the Carolinas later this afternoon, so the clock is ticking for this system, there is only roughly a low to Medium chance of this system developing today.

Regardless of development, the system will bring flash flooding rains of 1 to 3 inches to Georgia and the Carolinas along with Gusty winds to 40-50 mph and large waves and rip currents along the coast of Georgia & Carolinas.

By Thursday, this system will head North into Canada as a Low pressure to bring rain and Gusty winds to Southern Ontario and Quebec for later in the week before being emerged into a large cold front that will swing through to bring much needed rainfall to Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada this weekend.


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