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Is Your Dog Afraid of Thunder?

When thunder roars does your pooch run and hide?

Dogs, just like many other animals, can sense a drop in barometric pressure. So there is a good chance they know a thunderstorm is coming before you do.

Some dogs may act differently. They may pin their ears back, tails down, eyes wide, panting, lip-licking and yawning.

There are a couple of reasons for fear...

Some are irritated or scared by the buildup of static in their fur. The loud sound of thunder may also scare your dog. In some cases, it may just be genetic predispositions.

So what can we do?

We can feel helpless when our dogs are scared but there are some steps you can take.

  • You can purchase an anti-static jacket to keep the dog calm or use dryer sheets.

  • Add sounds to mask the thunder.

  • There is also medication you vet can provide.

  • Most of all, do not soothe your dog. If you do the dog will feel as though there is a reason to fear thunder.


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