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It's Earth Day, here's what you can do!

Today is Earth Day. Earth Day was first held in 1970. The theme for this year is "Invest In Our Planet."

Earth Day is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. There are events planned around the globe for today.

With extreme weather events increasing in frequency due to the climate emergency, it's more important than ever to do your part to help the environment.

Things you can do:

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle if you don't already.

  • Volunteer for cleanups in your community.

  • Conserve water where possible.

  • Buy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag.

  • Buy energy-efficient light bulbs and turn off lights when you leave a room.

  • Plant a tree.

  • Walk or use public transportation.

There could also be events happening near your for Earth Day!

We've updated our logo for Earth Day!


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