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Lake Effect Snow and some rain continues in region

Hello folks,

Cold winds are moving east causing instabilities in Lake Huron and Erie which in turn results in more lake effect snow and some rain showers over Southern Ontario. We are looking at some light mix of snow flurries and showers around Barrie and Goderich. Windsor, London and Hamilton are having some showers during the day. Snow flurries are expected in Barrie.

For the daily temperature highs ,Kenora, Windsor and Toronto have a high of 7 and patches of sun and cloud, Thunderbay and Ottawa are mainly sunny with highs of 8 and 5, and Windsor and London have an average high of 7 with clouds and possibly showers during the afternoon. Winds are relatively calm today in most directions with 15km/h gusting to 20km/h at most so there is not much snow accumulation expected over the region.

For the night temperatures, Goderich, Barrie and Kingston have a low of 2 with a windchill of -1 and will possibly have a mix of rain and flurries as the night continues, Windsor and London are mostly cloudy with a low of 1 with a windchill of -4, Toronto will have light rain showers at -1 and Ottawa will be cloudy with a low of -2 and a windchill of -6. Winds will be around 15km/h gusting to 25km/h.

Stay warm and enjoy the day !


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