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Lee to bring rain, wind, and storm surge to Maritime provinces

Based on its current track, Lee is expected to make landfall over southern Nova Scotia or the Bay of Fundy, around the time of landfall it will likely have transitioned to a post-tropical storm.

Lee is continuing to degrade and no longer has a clearly defined eye.

Hurricane Lee is expected to bring rain, wind, and storm surge to Atlantic Canada beginning on Friday afternoon.

Lee is located about 395 km west-southwest of Bermuda with maximum sustained winds of 150 km/h. The storm is moving north at 22 km/h.

Rainfall Forecast from Friday to Sunday:

  • Sydney 15-20 mm

  • Halifax 20-50 mm

  • Yarmouth 50-100 mm

  • Saint John 50-70 mm

  • Moncton 30-40 mm

  • Frederiction 40-60 mm

  • Charlottetown 10-20 mm

Some areas are seeing rain today not directly associated with the storm.

Wind gust forecast:

  • Sydney 70 km/h

  • Halifax 90 km/h

  • Yarmouth 110 km/h

  • Saint John 90 km/h

  • Moncton 70 km/h

  • Frederiction 90 km/h

  • Charlottetown 80 km/h

A dangerous storm surge could produce coastal flooding across parts of Atlantic Canada in areas of onshore winds. Near the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves.


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