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London Fire Brigade declares major incident as temperatures reach 40 degrees

Twitter/London Fire Brigade

Extreme heat continues in the United Kingdom.

For the first time in recorded history, a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius was recorded in the country. The temperature of 40.2°C was recorded at London Heathrow Airport at 12:50 pm local time today according to the UK Met Office.

The London Fire Brigade declared a major incident as firefighters are battling several significant fires across the city due to the heatwave.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong, said “We are continuing to see exceptional temperatures in the UK today and it is important people plan for the heat and consider changing their routines. This level of heat can have adverse health effects.”

Other regions of Europe are also seeing temperatures soar into the 40s.

Temperatures are expected to return to more seasonal values through next week.

Local forecasts for Europe can be found here.


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