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Low to Bring Rain from Ontario to Newfoundland

An area of low pressure that is developing over the western United States will eventually track west to east from Northern Ontario to Newfoundland potentially bringing some heavy rain.

On Tuesday, northern Ontario will see rain. Amounts could be significant, especially near Lake Superior where 25 to 40 mm of rain is possible.

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By Wednesday the low will be over southern Quebec and will extend back through northern Ontario where an additional 5 to 10 mm is possible. In southern Quebec, generally, 5 to 10 mm is expected. Amounts may be higher along the St. Lawrence River.

On Wednesday night the low moves into Atlantic Canada. It will reach the Maritimes on Wednesday night, and Newfoundland on Thursday and Friday. Some areas, particularly Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland, could accumulate up to 40 mm of rain.

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