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March Astronomy Highlights

March is a transition month for many with the first day of spring and for some, warmer weather. This month sky gazers will have the opportunity to see quite a few sights.

On March 1 Venus and Jupiter will be close to each other but will begin to move apart from each other on March 2.

Jupiter will gradually sink lower in the sky while Venus moves higher.

The Moon will sit below Venus on March 23 and above Venus on March 24.

On March 28 the Moon will be above Mars.

This month, Daylight Saving Time begins on March 12. The Vernal Equnoix is on March 20 at 5:24 pm EDT.

Moon Phases:

  • March 7 Full Moon

  • March 14 Last Quarter

  • March 21 New Moon

  • March 28 First Quarter


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