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Maritime and Quebec Storm Summary

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The Maritimes were affected by post-tropical storm Lee this weekend. Rain, wind, and high surf affected many areas on Saturday.

In Nova Scotia there were strong wind gusts. In Halifax there was a gust of Halifax 117 km/h, Beaver Island had a gust of 111 km/h, Brier Island had a gust of 109 km/h, Lunenburg had a gust of 109 km/h, Baccaro Point had a gust of 107 km/h.

Heavy rain also fell in several areas. Port Maitland recorded 80 mm, 77.5 mm fell in Cedar Lake, Lower West Pubnico picked up 63 mm, Yarmouth had 59.7 mm, and Bear River recorded 59.4 mm.

In New Brunswick, Longs Eddy Point had a non-official wind gust of 150 km/h, Saint John recorded a gust of 85 km/h, and Grand Manan had a gust of 83 km/h.

There was also heavy rain with 91 mm in St. Stephen, 88 mm in Doaktown, and 85 mm in Point Lepreau.

Post-tropical storm Lee also gave significant rainfall amounts over the Eastern Gaspé Peninsula. General rainfall amounts of 40 to 55 millimetres have been reported; even 113 millimetres of rain have been reported in Gaspé.

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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