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May Astronomy highlights features a lunar eclipse

There are a few features to watch for in the night sky this month.

We will see a triangle formation in the night sky in the upper left. Saturn will be near the moon and Jupiter forming a triangle in the pre-dawn sky.

On May 1 Venus was hovering above Mercury and will be to the right of the moon on the 12th.

A total lunar eclipse will take place on May 26. It will be the first total lunar eclipse since the January 2019 lunar eclipse. It will take place in the pre-dawn hours as the moon is setting.

It will be visible across most of Canada and the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, areas of southeast Asia, all of Australia, all of Oceania, all of Mexico and Central America, and most of South America.

Moon phases:

  • Last Quarter May 3

  • New Moon May 11

  • First Quarter May 19

  • Full Moon May 26


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