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National Mother's Day Forecast

Mother's Day will be fairly nice for the majority of Eastern Canada. The area is under a ridge of high pressure which will result in sunshine and highs in the mid-teens.

As we head toward northern Ontario there is a chance we could see some showers here and there.

As we head into the Prairies, a cold front is moving across the majority of Manitoba which will bring some showers to most areas. Across Saskatchewan sun and cloud is expected for most areas and there is a chance of thunderstorms for southeastern sections of Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba.

For Alberta, we are looking at the risk of thunderstorms for southern sections and sun and cloud to the north as well with highs in the mid-teens.

In British Columbia we are looking at a chance of showers, there will be a chance of flurries for the mountain passes.

Across northern Canada, we are looking at mostly sunny skies across the majority of Yukon. There is a chance of flurries for most of the Northwest Territories, and sun and cloud for most of Nunavut.


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