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Newfoundland Teen Helping Health Care Workers With Mask Clips

John Hynes of Massey Drive, NL is helping front line health care workers who have to wear personal protective equipment, mainly masks.

Using a 3D printer, the 17-year-old is creating medical mask clips. The clips are a way of relieving pressure on your ears from wearing a mask. The masks hook on to the clips as opposed to your ears to protect those wearing them from blisters and irritation.

In the last four days alone he has made 200 clips. He has sent them to Long Term Care Centres and Hospitals across the province.

Hynes says he has been getting a lot of donations which will help pay for the shipping, materials, and the cost of repairing the printer.

So far the response has been pretty good. Everyone he has donated to seems like they were really happy to have them.


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