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Over 300 Wildfires Burn in British Columbia

Mowhokam Creek (V11669) wildfire. BC Wildfire Service.

The province of British Columbia is reporting 306 active wildfires. There are wildfires all over the province but the majority are located in the southern interior region.

Currently, there are 38 wildfires of note. These fires are highly visible or pose a potential threat to public safety.

There are multiple evacuation orders in place. A State of Emergency has not been declared.

The BC Wildfire Service says that there has been 241 fire starts in the Southeast Fire Centre so far this season, with 65 fires currently active. This is above the five-year average for the region.

Some rain is expected this coming week in northern sections of the province but the southern interior will likely not see any rain except minimal amounts from thunderstorms.

There is wildfire smoke across most of Canada from not only the British Columbia fires but there are significant wildfires in the western United States and in Ontario.


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