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Possible Tornadoes, Rain, Wind, and Hail Across Alberta and Saskatchewan

On Sunday there were several severe weather events across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In Alberta, there may have been a tornado 18 km west of Lomond. No damage was reported, however, Environment and Climate Change Canada continue to investigate.

There was also large hail and strong wind gusts.

Large hail reports included hen egg sized hail 5.5 cm 10 km southeast of Nanton, golf ball sized hail 4.5 cm 15 km northeast of Champion and walnut-sized hail 3.3 cm 5 km west of Vulcan.

In Travers, there was a wind gust of 87 km/h and a gust to 80 km/h in Priddis.

In Saskatchewan, there were strong wind gusts, heavy rain, hail, and a possible tornado.

Indian Head reported a wind gust of 80 km/h and 85 km/h near Cumberland House.

Rainfall totals:

  • Sceptre: 46 mm

  • Near Tobin Lake: 38 mm

  • Nipawin: 32 mm

  • Weyburn: 25 mm

  • Limerick: 20.5 mm

Hail reports:

  • Tennis ball to golf ball sized hail (64-45 mm) near Bengough

  • Golf ball to loonie sized hail (45-27mm) near Willow Bunch

  • Golf ball to nickel sized hail (45-21 mm) near Badgerville

  • Golf ball sized hail (45 mm) 3 km south of Crane Valley

  • Golf ball to nickel sized hail (45-21 mm) 10 km north of Ormiston

  • Golf ball to toonie-sized hail (45-29 mm) near Spring Valley

  • Golf ball sized hail (45 mm) 16 km south of Glen Ewen

  • Toonie sized hail (29 mm) Lampman

  • Toonie sized hail (29 mm) near Tobin Lake

There was a possible tornado near Mossbank. There was no damage reported.

Based on ECCC Data


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