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Powerful Storm Impacting Ontario and Quebec #ONstorm #meteoQC

A powerful area of low pressure continues to pound Ontario and Quebec.

Northeastern Ontario

Snow is continuing with up to 20 cm expected. Snow squalls will develop near Lake Superior later today. On Friday snow squalls will continue near Lake Superior.

Eastern Ontario

Snow will continue for much of the morning, but will gradually taper off as the day progresses.

Southern Ontario

Near Lake Huron, there are intense snow squalls. 30 or more centimetres are possible by tonight. Elsewhere, snow is expected to taper off, however, there is a risk of snow squalls. On Friday, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are likely to continue to experience snow squalls. Elsewhere an additional 10 to 15 centimetres combined with blow snow is possible across the GTA. Snow squalls may continue through Saturday along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

Southern Quebec

Winter storm conditions are expected today and will last through tonight and tomorrow. Generally speaking, 15 to 25 cm of snow is expected for most of the region, except for eastern sections where snowfall totals of 30 to 50 centimetres are possible. Strong winds will cause widespread blowing snow.

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