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Powerful storm to impact Eastern Canada

Two lows will merge on Thursday and intensify on Friday resulting in extremely stormy conditions from Ontario to Newfoundland over the next several days.

Northern Ontario

On Thursday about 10 to 15 cm of snow is expected in the vicinity of Lake Superior.

Conditions will deteriorate rapidly on Friday across northeastern Ontario. Snowfall amounts of 15 to 35 cm are possible. The heaviest snow will occur along the Quebec border. Gusty winds are also expected resulting in blowing snow.

Southern Ontario

Precipitation may initially start as snow for northern sections. Rain will come in behind the snow on Friday. Temperatures will fall drastically on Friday resulting in a flash freeze for most areas.

Across eastern Ontario, significant rain is possible on Friday.

By Friday evening, areas near the Great Lakes will see snow squalls with strong winds that could generate blizzard conditions.

Wind gusts from 90 to 110 km/h are expected across most of southern Ontario. These winds combined with other weather elements may result in significant power outages.


Significant snowfall amounts, strong winds and blowing snow are expected over the areas north of the St. Lawrence river, while over the areas to the south, some of the precipitation will fall as rain. Freezing rain is likely in the snow-to-rain transition area.

Moderate rain is expected across southern Quebec. Snow and strong winds will generate blowing snow over most of central, northern, and eastern sections on Friday.

Strong winds over eastern Quebec could lead to power outages and storm surge.


By Friday into Saturday, the storm will begin to impact the Maritime provinces.

Rain is expected for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and southern New Brunswick. Across northern and central sections of New Brunswick precipitation will start as snow and transition to freezing rain and eventually rain.

Wind gusts between 90 and 100 km/h are expected.


On Saturday precipitation will spread across the island. Most of Newfoundland will see a shot of snow to start followed quickly by ice pellets and/or freezing rain and eventually rain. Rain will linger for some areas into Christmas Day.

Wind gusts between 80 and 110 km/h is possible. There is the potential for power outages.


Snow and blowing snow is expected Friday and Saturday. Snow will taper off to flurries on Saturday night. Winds may gust to 90 km/h resulting in blizzard conditions.

It should be mentioned that some uncertainty exists regarding the exact track of this storm. Keep checking back for updates.


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