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Schools Close Ahead of Storm in the Maritimes, NL to be Impacted Later Today

Schools are closed across the Maritimes for the day as a winter storm moves through bringing snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, and rain. The storm moves into Newfoundland late this afternoon.

Snowfall, winter storm, and freezing rain warnings are in effect across New Brunswick. Snow will spread across New Brunswick this morning, by this afternoon a change over to ice pellets is expected over central regions and this evening in northeastern areas. For areas under a snowfall warning 15 to 30 cm is expected. 20 to 30 cm is expected for areas under a winter storm warning. Across southern New Brunswick, freezing rain is expected. It may change to rain at times.

There are freezing rain and winter storm warnings in effect across Prince Edward Island. Freezing rain warnings are in effect for Kings County and Queens County and a winter storm warning in effect for Prince County. 15-20 cm of snow is expected for Prince County. Snow and ice pellets will spread across the province this morning and will change over to ice pellets, then freezing rain, and then to rain over central and eastern portions of the province by late this evening.

Freezing rain will be the dominant form of precipitation across Nova Scotia. Snow and ice pellets will start early today, and transition to freezing rain and then to rain over the course of the day.

Snow moves across Newfoundland this evening and overnight. Snow will change to ice pellets and freezing rain across the eastern, southern, and portions of central Newfoundland. Much of the west coast remains as snow. 25 to 35 cm is expected for areas under a winter storm warning with 10 to 20 cm expected for areas under a snowfall warning. Across the southern Avalon Peninsula, 20 to 30 mm of rain is expected. Winds will be gusty across the south coast, west coast, and the Avalon.

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