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Search continues firefighters swept away in Quebec floodwaters

The search for two missing firefighters that were swept away in floodwaters in Quebec continued today.

Christopher Lavoie and Régis Lavoie were confirmed as the firefighters according to Noovo.

Both of the men were assisting people who were being evacuated due to flooding in Saint-Urbain. Saint-Urbain is located about 100 km northeast of Quebec City.

Heavy rains across several areas of the province have caused flooding and many roads have been washed out.

Significant rainfall has been affecting the province since Saturday, especially impacting regions north of the St. Lawrence River, from the Outaouais to the Quebec City region, including Charlevoix.

Rainfall amounts of 75 to 100 mm have fallen over the Charlevoix area in the past 48 hours. Local rainfall amounts in excess of 100 mm were seen over higher terrain.

Additional showers are expected on Wednesday.


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