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Severe Thunderstorms Roll Across Southern Ontario #ONstorm

On Friday afternoon, severe thunderstorms pushed across Ontario.

Throughout the afternoon, there were severe thunderstorm warnings and watches and tornado warnings and watches.

Temperatures were quite warm Friday morning, in the afternoon a cold front sliced through the regions sparking severe thunderstorms.

Hydro One reported 15,950 customers were affected by power outages at about 6:00 pm, by this morning that number has swelled to 18,109.

There have been no official reports of any tornadoes as of yet, but several areas saw hail.

The hardest hit was was near Georgian Bay with reports of large hail up to the size of golf balls. Some of the communities affected include Orillia, Wyevale, Penetanguishene, Oro-Medonte, Waubaushene and Midhurst.

The following is a summary of weather event information received by Environment and Climate Change Canada as of 6:00 AM EDT, Saturday October 24th.

Record high temperatures in for Friday, October 23rd:

London Airport

New record of 23.1

Previous record of 22.8 from 1963

Records began in 1940

Sarnia Airport

New record of 24.7

Previous record of 23.1 from 1991

Records began in 1968


New record of 24.6

Previous record of 24.4 from 1920

Records began in 1914

Hamilton Airport

New record of 24.7

Previous record of 23.0 from 1991

Records began in 1960


New record of 26.6

Previous record of 25.0 from 1991

Records began in 1924


New record of 25.8

Previous record of 24.5 from 1991

Records began in 1872


New record of 24.2

Previous record of 22.7 from 1991

Records began in 1969


New record of 24.5

Previous record of 21.7 from 1975

Records began in 1935

Ottawa International Airport

New record of 24.8

Previous record of 24.6 from 1979

Records began in 1939

Rainfall amounts from Thursday, October 22nd to Friday , October 23rd:

Quirke Lake 85.9 mm

Shaw Dam Lake 71.1 mm

Cartier 56.7 mm

Lake Labitche 53.7 mm

Gore Bay 52.8 mm

Massey 50.0 mm

North Bay Airport 48.4 mm

Suez Crossing 48.4 mm

Twinkle Lake 46.8 mm

Beaver Lake 46.4 mm

Sudbury Airport 44.1 mm

Burwash 43.3 mm

Nat 43.1 mm

Sault Ste. Marie Airport 42.6 mm

Snowfall amounts in centimetres from Friday, October 23rd:

Timmins 12 cm (estimated)

Chapleau 8 cm (estimated)

Lake Superior Provincial Park 8 cm (estimated)

Based on ECCC Data

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