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Severe Weather Rips Through Southern Ontario

On Tuesday a cold front swept through southern Ontario bringing severe thunderstorms that delivered heavy rain and strong winds.

There were also reports of tornadoes.

Rainfall totals:

  • Hamilton International Aiport 66 mm

  • Pearson International Airport 48 mm

  • Goderich 45 mm

  • Oshawa Executive Airport 43 mm

  • Canadian Forces Base Trenton 42 mm

  • Waterloo International Airport 41 mm

  • Toronto City Centre 41 mm

  • Mount Forest 33 mm

Wind gusts:

  • Oshawa Executive Airport 80 km/h

  • Killarney 76 km/h

  • Toronto Island Aiport 63 km/h

The storms may have also produced tornadoes over Lake Huron before moving onshore. These tornadoes would have moved onshore over Huron County and over the Saugeen Shores before tracking eastward toward North Wellington County. A significant number of power outages were also reported across Southern Ontario as a result of the storms.

The Northern Tornadoes project of Western University deployed a survey team on Wednesday to investigate the storm damage.

In Kingsbridge a farm structure was destroyed, parts of barn siding and the roof was removed. In Zion, roof shingles were torn and a barn silo was removed. An unfinished house collapsed in Saugeen Shores.

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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