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Significant snow possible across NS, PEI, NB, and NL Monday and Tuesday

A large area of low pressure will bring snow to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, eastern New Brunswick, and Newfoundland on Monday into Tuesday.

Across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and eastern New Brunswick, snow is expected on Monday. The snow will end on Tuesday afternoon. It's still a bit too early to discuss specific amounts but eastern Nova Scotia could receive over 20 cm of snow.

The snow will come two pulses in Newfoundland. The first will only impact the Avalon Peninsula, and the Burin Peninsula northward to Bonavista North. The heaviest snow will fall over these areas. Then a second pulse from the same low will bring snow to the remainder of Newfoundland as the low continues to progress toward the northeast.

Significant snow is possible over the Avalon Peninsula, Burin Peninsula north to Bonavista North. Over 25 cm of snow could fall in these areas while western Newfoundland could see 5 to 10 cm of snow.

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