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Significant Wildfire Risk in Alberta & British Columbia During Last Week of June: #ABStorm #BCStorm

Due to extreme heat, and drought-like conditions during the last week of June, the significance of wildfires in Alberta and British Columbia will be enhanced.

This amplified wildfire risk will likely continue into the start of July, as precipitation is not forecasted for southern and central Alberta and British Columbia until at least the last day of June, albeit not a significant risk for rain and/or thunderstorms.

Not only can we expect extreme heat where temperatures could hit the mid 40 °C range in southern Alberta and the B.C. interior, but a drought is forecasted due to the lack of precipitation in this region. These conditions, paired with the current lackluster amounts of precipitation this spring/summer, will help to fuel what could be the start of the 2021 wildfire season in western Canada.

Extreme heat can be dangerous to humans, as well as our furry friends, please remember to not leave your pets or children in your vehicle. Furthermore, please keep in mind these extreme heat safety tips for you and your loved ones:

Stay tuned to Wx Centre for the latest updates!

Take care,


Christopher Poitras - Meteorologist

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