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Storm Could Bring Heavy Rain to Atlantic Canada

Any hopes of seeing a white Christmas in Atlantic Canada could be dashed as an area of low pressure seems poised to bring some very warm and very wet weather to portions of the region.

An area of low pressure will intensify on Monday afternoon and will bring some rain to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and eastern New Brunswick. In western New Brunswick, we will likely see snow. We will also see strong winds on Tuesday.

Conditions will clear in the Maritimes on Tuesday night winds will still be gusty, however.

Some rain is also expected to move into Newfoundland on Monday afternoon. Rain is expected for all areas of Newfoundland Monday night into Tuesday. Winds will intensify on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we will see snow move into Labrador there was a risk of a rain-snow mix in southeastern Labrador.

Winds will continue to be gusty across Newfoundland and Labrador as well and snow will continue on Tuesday night and Labrador and a rain-snow mix will continue in Newfoundland before conditions finally clear on Wednesday.

Flooding is possible across parts of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and southern Newfoundland.


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