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Storm to Impact most of Atlantic Canada

An area of low pressure will push across eastern Quebec and the Maritimes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Strong winds are expected across the region. Winds in some areas will gust to 90 km/h.

Heavy rain is expected along the Gaspé Peninsula and Lower North Shore areas of Quebec.

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, southern and eastern New Brunswick will see rain and western New Brunswick could see snow, rain, and potentially freezing rain. Some locations could receive over 150 mm of rain.

A rain and snow mix is expected across most of Labrador. Newfoundland will not see significant impacts from this low.

Rainfall forecast:

Wind gust forecast:

There is the potential for localized flooding and power outages from this storm. Prior to the arrival of the storm, it is a good idea to clear any debris from storm drains, bring outside items inside, and have an emergency kit.

Marine Atlantic is already anticipating delays. Crossings between Monday, November 22 and Thursday, November 25 could be impacted. On Tuesday night waves of 6 metres are expected in the Cabot Strait along with wind gusts to 110 km/h (59 knots).

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