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Stormy couple of days across Ontario

It will be a stormy couple of days across Ontario.


Snow will impact parts of northwestern and northeastern Ontario today.

Snowfall amount of 15 to 25 cm is expected north of Lake Superior and east including Timmins. Some areas could see as much as 40 cm of snow. Across northeastern Ontario as well as central and eastern Ontario lesser amounts are expected.

Northern portions of eastern Ontario could pick up 5 cm of snow and there is a risk of freezing rain.

Southwestern, eastern and central Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe could see 25 mm of rain today and wind gusts to 70 km/h. The rain and snow melt could cause some localized flooding.


Northern portions of northeastern Ontario could pick up an additional 15 to 20 cm of snow.

Southwestern, central and northeastern Ontario could see an additional 5 to 10 cm. 15 cm is possible northeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

Areas Northeast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario could see strong winds.


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