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System to Bring Snow to Parts of Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut Thursday: #ONStorm QCStorm #NUStorm

An area of low pressure will bring snow to parts of northern Ontario, northwestern Quebec, and southern Nunavut. While extremely heavy snow is not expected, we are forecasting anywhere between 5-15 cm of snow in these areas.

Photo credit: Environment and Climate Change Canada

The bulk of the snow will occur to the southwest of Baffin Island, where 5-10 cm is likely. This is the same story for parts of northwestern Quebec, all while extreme portions of northern Ontario can expect snow accumulation amounts of anywhere between 3-7 cm today.

This low-pressure system is expected to bring 5-10 cm of snow to Baffin Island by Friday morning, and clear out by the end of the day. A few lingering flurries are possible, as we head into the weekend.

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